While our mandate is to provide custom work for our clients, some of our projects can produce tools useful to a larger public. Unless otherwise specified, software on this site is distributed under the terms of this Free Software License.

Bien que notre mandat soit de fournir du travail spécialisé à nos clients, nos projets peuvent produire des outils utiles à un public plus large. Sauf contre-indication, les logiciels disponibles sur ce site sont distribués selon les termes de cette License de Logiciel Libre.


Play Go on Mac OS X.


GPGMail is a plug-in for Apple's Mail (on MacOS X 10.1) and (on old MacOS X Server 1.x), providing a front-end to gpg for some operations. GPGMail extends Apple's Mail/MailViewer application and allows you to read and send PGP authenticated and/or encrypted messages. You can use PGP for plain and MIME messages, following RFC 3156. Source code is available.

Concurrent Versions Librarian

CVL (Concurrent Versions Librarian) is a version and configuration management tool for OPENSTEP and Rhapsody. It helps managing versions of various resources (source code, projects, documents). It allows parallel modifications as well as branches. CVL is useful for one and for many users. CVL is a graphical user interface to CVS (Concurrent Versioning System).

SCSI Tape driver for Mac OS X

To backup your computer and network using Amanda. For all inquiries please email


OCUnit is a testing framework for Objective C in the MacOSX and WebObjects environment. It is based on SUnit, Kent Beck's Smalltalk testing framework, also available for Java under the name JUnit. With OCUnit, testing becomes integrated with development. You can test frameworks, bundles, or applications. OCUnit is distributed as open source.

How to install a PPP server on Panther

Coming soon.


FreeFlow is a screen saver module for Mac OS X. (FreeFlow is currently unavailable)


NetImageFilter is an image filter for NEXTSTEP based on the netpbm utilities. NetImageFilter can translate most image formats to TIFF, for any application that uses the NXImage class. It was originally developped at Sen:te by Marco Scheurer and the source code was given to the MiscKit. Bill Bumgarner, from CodeFab, Inc., then mostly re-wrote the code for NetSurfer. The original source code is available from our server.