" elegant and deceptively simple as the game itself."


User Quotes

Some unsolicited quotes from our users:

"I've had a look around the internet at other Go games but Goban is by far and away the best looking, it's as elegant and deceptively simple as the game itself." -Jim Watson
"Recommended Mac OS X program" -British Go Association
"Just wanted to compliment you an a great port of GNU Go to Mac OS X. The interface is perfect, and it all works beautifully." -Pete Yandell
"[...] It looks incredible. [...] It is currently my main reason to boot into OS X." -Jeremy Hillman
"[...] One thing amazes me is the responsiveness of your client. I think it is the fastest of all the clients I have used." -Anonymous
"I love your Goban! The more I use it, the more powerful I feel and yet it is relatively simple to use." -Anonymous
"a really nice client and honestly one of the slickest os x (cocoa) apps I have seen." - shout on the Internet Go Server
"Can't stop playing.... Nice Aqua-interface and the fact it is freeware makes this piece of software a keeper." -Anonymous
"Your goban program is the best I've seen yet ... there is nothing close in terms of not just looks but also ease of use." -Anonymous
"The graphics are gorgeous, [...] and I didn't see any bugs in it. This one is a keeper." -Anonymous
"Very very nice OS-X implementation. Looks much much better than Goliath. In fact I think this one is perfect and for free also... 10 stars!" -Anonymous
"My current favorite runs-on-X-but-isn't-available-on-9 app is Goban. Classic Mac OS has no credible Go apps, and the big names in Go software on the Windows side don't care about Mac support. But thanks to Sen:te's Goban, I can now play Go against my Mac." (The Mac is dead! Long live the Mac!, Stephan Somogyi, ZDNet News, June 1, 2001)

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