OCUnit is a testing framework for Objective C in the Mac OS X, iPhone, GNUSTEP, YellowBox/Cocoa and WebObjects/Objective C environments.

A brief history

1998. OCunit is written by Sen:te in March from Kent Beck’s description of the Smalltalk framework and Objective C becomes one of the first language to benefit from this approach to testing. The framework is published in May. In November Project Builder (an ancestor of Xcode) integration is total: tests are discovered and executed automatically when the project is compiled, and errors appear in the Build console.

2002. OCUnit is presented at WWDC in the Stepwise birds of feather meeting.

2005. Apple decides to integrate unit testing in Xcode 2.1, and choose OCUnit.

2008. OCUnit is integrated by Apple in iPhone SDK 2.2. The Google Toolbox for Mac unit testing is based on OCUnit’s SenTestingKit.

2012. OCUnit reinforces its integration with Xcode and becomes  XCUnit.


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